What is Called a Villa?

What is Called a Villa?

Your house is one place you can come back to and relax after a busy and harsh day, but the type of house which will work best for you depends on your personal likings and needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new house to buy, or a good place to rent for your family vacation, this guide will help you spot the difference between different types of houses. You should understand the difference between villas, townhouses, condos, and single family homes.

Let’s see how Jebel Ali Village Villas and other types of houses differ from each other.


Villas are spacious houses with an open floor design, and they usually have only one floor. Villas might be stand-alone, or be sharing one of their walls with the next villa. These luxurious residential buildings have been around since Roman times. Elite class Romans used to have villas built outside the main city as their second residence. These villas were used by them to spend vacations. There are lots of different types of villas in existence these days, and they seem to have been influenced by the local architecture in every place.

Unlike condo buildings, villas can only be used by a single family. Villas are usually built in gated communities alongside other villas. Modern villas require less maintenance.


Unlike villas, condos are usually part of a large residential building. While you can purchase a condo, you have no share in the actual land.

You have to submit a fee for maintenance as well, and condos can share the same amenities as well.


When you buy a townhouse, you actually get to own the land, and the structure on it as well. You will have to maintain your property by yourself. Townhouses and villas are very close in terms of features.

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