Tips to Keep Your Coffee Machine Well Maintained

Tips to Keep Your Coffee Machine Well Maintained

No matter how expensive your coffee or espresso machine might be, you cannot enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning if it is not maintained in the best way possible. If you love coffee, you should also love to maintain your coffee machine in the long run. This is the only way to keep the machine working and to avoid any surprises.

Usually, a coffee or espresso machine lost for around 10 years. However, many people have increased the lifespan of their coffee machine by maintaining them in the right way. You should also invest in best coffee espresso maker combo with grinder if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

So, here is how you can also increase the lifespan of your coffee machine with proper maintenance.

Daily Cleaning

Whether you have a coffee machine for personal use or for business purposes, you should clean it properly daily.

For example, you should wipe the steam wand properly right after using it. Proper cleaning will keep the wound open and avoid any buildup of milk in the long run. So, you should flush the group head before pouring coffee into your cup every time. That is because oil from your coffee can disturb its flavor accommodating in the group head and then making its way into your cup.

You should also replace your cleaning cloth every few days. However, if you use your coffee machine on a commercial scale, you should change the cleaning cloth every few hours.

Do Monthly Maintenance

Every few months, you should also change the shower screen and baskets of the Porta filter of your coffee machine. This way, you can easily prevent leaks in your coffee machine in the long run.

So, daily and monthly maintenance is necessary to keep your coffee machine working at its best.

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