Things to Consider Before Buying a Slide Scanner

Things to Consider Before Buying a Slide Scanner

Scanners particularly slide scanners do not come cheap. These are pretty expensive devices and thus it is important to consider how much they’d be put to use before making a purchase. These scanners vary from entry-level to high end; both of which are suitable for basic scanning of 35mm film strip to numerous batches of mounted slides respectively. Therefore, believing that only the most expensive or the cheapest one would be the most feasible is a rather flawed idea. Furthermore, there are other factors that drive the decision to buy a scanner and they’re mentioned below.

The Frequency of Use

The simplest way to determine whether you really need a slide scanner is to know how often would you need to convert slides to digital and how much of it would be quantitatively to reach the right conclusion. If a bunch of photographs are to be scanned, investing in a scanner may not be a wise decision.

The Purpose of Use

A slide scanner is used for a variety of purposes and thus each brand produces scanners with features that renders it suitable for a particular use. There are so many different companies that deal with such scanners.

When it comes to the use of a slide scanner, it can be manyfold. For instance if the film is to be printed in medium format, it is recommended to get a scanner that can easily accommodate upto 120 films. Similarly for families looking forward to preserve cartons full of 35mm slides, it is convenient to buy a scanner that scans multiple copies in one go.

The Extent of Perfection

For households, it doesn’t matter if the digital format is not 100% perfect since all they need is to preserve the films for their future generations. However, same is not the case with professionals. Such individuals need their scanned image to be an epitome of perfection. Here’s when factors such as dust-reduction technology, scanning books resolution, color depth and others come in to the picture. Looking for a slide scanner with software that supports the correction of basic flaws is an ideal solution for such people.

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