What is an Edupreneur?

An Edupreneur is anyone who acts on passion to improve the quality of education, anyone who learns in innovative ways, and anyone who takes a risk to redefine education. The Edupreneur Podcast is a platform to explore the minds of and learn from these students, teachers, administrators, and entrepreneurs.

Meet the hosts

Zack Baker

Zack is a student and entrepreneur pursuing a degree in Philosophy at UC Berkeley in California. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, computer programming, and people. Zack started computer programming at a young age and runs his own startup, PassWhiz. In addition to his startup, Zack has founded computer and technology outreach programs to help elementary school students, senior citizens, and everyone in between take advantage of technology.

Pete Freeman

Pete Freeman is a student and entrepreneur studying sociology, gender studies, and international peace studies at the University of Notre Dame. Pete is passionate about developing and implementing unique approaches to education that produce proven, measurable outcomes for marginalized students and communities. He is a TEDx speaker, meditation enthusiast, and loves stopping by his mother’s kindergarten classroom to visit with her students.

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