How Many KW Aircon Do I Need?

How Many KW Aircon Do I Need?

Choosing an air conditioner which is properly sized to keep your house cool throughout the summer season can be tougher than you might think it to be. Still, it is very important to consider the right energy rating and consumption rate of your new AC unit.

You should always buy the right type of air conditioner according to the size of your house, and the amount of area you want to be covered with air conditioning.

While the best way to go about it is getting the help of a professional, you can still help yourself if you have the required prior knowledge and experience about air conditioning installation Sydney.

AC Size

The type of air conditioner you want installed in your house will also determine the size of the unit you are looking for. In terms of kilowatts, you should be looking anywhere around 0.15 kilowatts for every square meter. With the help of this measurement, you can easily measure the amount of kilowatts you will want your system to be capable of outputting. Keep in mind that if your air conditioner is not powerful enough according to your room, it won’t be able to bring down the temperature efficiently.

Coverage Area

One of the most important things you will need during AC size calculation is the coverage area your air conditioner will need to cover. For the most part, you only have to consider the floor area. However, if you have considerably higher ceilings, you might also need to consider this factor as well. For every 10 m² of floor space, you will need around 1 to 1.6 kW of air conditioning. If you have proper insulation in your house, you can do well with the lower range, and higher range is usually required for houses with insufficient insulation.

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