Everything That You Need to Know About Testosterone

Everything That You Need to Know About Testosterone

When a male reaches puberty a hormone called the testosterone is released from the simulation of pituitary gland through the testicles. This hormone is what makes them go through puberty and having a sex drive. It starts to decrease as the person ages. Normally, in late thirties or mid forties, the testosterone level starts to drop by one percent with every passing year. There are many misconceptions regarding testosterones, however, if you want to know what is the real truth, then this should be your go to article. In this article you can find almost everything that you need to know about testosterones.

There are so many different places such as öka testosteron naturligt that will offer you treatment for low levels of testosterones. But instead of trusting any such place it is much better to go see a doctor and ask for medical advice and treatment.

When you have low level of testosterones it can affect your mental health along with your physical health. The symptoms are not just limited to having a low sexual desire. It is important to get medical attention for it.

Testosterones in males are responsible for puberty and allows their bodies to grow physically, be it the muscle mass or the bones. They also grow in height, in addition to this, this also allows their voice to change, which in most cases deepens and the size of the testicles and penis grows as well. It brings in a strong sexual desire in males. Of course when the testosterone levels deplete the sexual desire also decreases and in order to get it checked you need to get a blood test done. If left alone, it can leave a great impact on your well being.

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