Deleting an iMessage And Recovering It

Deleting an iMessage And Recovering It

We all have found ourselves in the position where we accidently delete a message we weren’t supposed to and believe it or not, it is one hectic, exhausting and disappointing thing to do. However, for those who use iMessage an advantage lies of recovering a message that may not be possible for those texting over SMS.

Deleting an iMessage

Since iMessage requires internet connection, it is important to get it synced to iCloud. Once iMessages are synced over iCloud, any message that is sent, received or deleted from one device is synced to all others. In this way, once iCloud is synced on, any message that is deleted from the iPhone is also deleted from Mac and iPad and related iOS devices.

However, if the iCloud is not synced to iMessages, then the situation differs. In this case, iMessages are even though received on all devices, the user can not see what message was sent and the deleted message do not appear on other devices as well.

Recovering a Deleted Message

Once upon a time, it was possible to restore or recover a deleted message from iCloud but now, it is not possible anymore. Today there are two ways in order to retrieve a deleted message; it is to either recover using a recent backup or utilize a third-party’s help. The two methods are limited to iPhone or iOS users, for individuals who use iMessage for Windows 10 or other Window edition, the procedure may vary.

The first way to retrieve a deleted iMessage is suitable or works best for those people who backup their data on a regular basis to either iTunes or iCloud as restoring one of them, restores the old messages. For those who do not backup regularly, the only option left is to use a third-party data recovery ap that retrieves data from the backup. To find a suitable third-party manufacturer, it is important to carry out a thorough online research, read reviews and comparisons and then come to a decision.

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