A Small Guide to Batting Cages

A Small Guide to Batting Cages

Done buying all the essentials to set up a batting cage in your home but still indecisive about the batting cage? Well, this not an easy decision but we are here to help you in every way possible.

There isn’t only one factor to consider when buying batting cages, if you ended up getting a useless batting cage, working with it can turn into your worst nightmare.

Consider The Space Availability
Everyone wants a huge distance batting cage, but not everyone’s backyard is as big to accommodate that cage. People with smaller backyard often opt for the 30-40 ft. batting cages.

In addition to the length of the cages, few backyard batting cages come with anchor ropes and stakes. These ropes and stakes might take an additional 6 ft. from each side as they are installed away from the cage.

Temporary or Permanent
Make up your mind, is your practice just a summer thing or are you going to push yourself for the rest of the year? This will help you with making the right decision.

A temporary batting cage is a portable cage that can be installed easily in 15-20 minutes. You have two options to consider for temporary cages; residential steel frames and heater fiberglass sports batting cages.

If you are determined, a permanent cage will be needing a little more effort as they require to be cemented in the ground. To be a part of your home, a permanent cage takes a day or two in installation.

Whether to Buy a Batting Cage Alone or The Complete Batting Cage Bag?
Building up a batting cage can be interesting yet a complete hassle.

There’s always a chance you end up buying the components that won’t fix with your batting cage. To be on the safer side, it is better to always choose for batting cage bag that includes all the essentials.

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