3 of The Best Salon Marketing Ideas

3 of The Best Salon Marketing Ideas

People actually do research these days before choosing the right salon for their hair. This is the main reason why many people even prefer doing their own hair rather than trusting a salon for this service.

If you have a salon, you must run a great marketing campaign to stand out from your competition. There are lots of great marketing ideas for your salon that can help you get great results with your salon, and some of these ideas are mentioned below.

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Offer Discounts For Referrals

Keep in mind that a better part of your business depends on word of mouth, or referrals. Once a person finds your services good enough, they’ll start recommending you to their friends and family as well. This is free advertising, so, you should be giving your referral customers some discount. You should also provide the referrer with a discount on their next visit.

Build a Yelp Profile

Yelp is one of the best platforms to build trust with your customers, and increase your outreach at the same time. You can easily claim your business on Yelp, add some photos and respond to the reviews your customers leave about your services.

To get more reviews, you can start offering a discount for the customers who check in at your salon and review your business.

Try Showing Off

Magazine at the salon provide your customers with great ideas for their hair, and showcase the skills of your staff as well. Showing off the skills of your staff can help you attract more customers than ever. You can make a magazine of your staff’s own works for the best results. This way, your customers will simply point at the style that they need, and the relevant staff member will make the style right away.

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