Episode 53: Ross McGill on the 5-Minute Lesson Plan and Education Policy

Ross McGill is a deputy headteacher working in a well-known inner-city school in North London. He is the author of 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons and Te@cher Toolkit: Helping You Survive Your First Five Years. He is an award-winning teacher and was nominated by Debrett’s as the 500 Most Influential People in Britain 2015.
Ross is responsible for improving the quality of teaching and learning and has a national profile as the leading contributor and organiser of online CPD within a growing community of education professionals. A former SSAT Design Technology Lead Practitioner, Ross is regularly asked to reflect on educational developments in various newspapers about education policy.

Ross McGill on Twitter: @TeacherToolkit
Ross McGill’s website: www.TeacherToolkit.me

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