Episode 51: Liz Davis on Eliminating Grades, Synapse School, & 1:1 Education

Liz Davis is the Assistant Head at Synapse School, a K-8 independent school in Menlo Park California. For the last 20 years, Liz has worked as a middle school teacher, a director of academic technology and a director of curriculum in both public and private schools across the US. Liz was selected to be a 2013-14 NAIS Teacher of the Future, and will present a 3 hour workshop on A World of Professional Development Opportunities at the NAISAC conference this year. She’s a founding organizer of both EdcampBoston and EdcampIS. Her blog, The Power of Educational Technology, has many daily readers, many of whom make up her more than 13,000 Twitter followers. 

Liz Davis on Twitter: @lizbdavis
Liz’s website: www.edtechpower.blogspot.com

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