Ep. 26: Real World Feedback vs. Teacher Feedback with Steve Dembo

In Episode 26, Zack & Pete talk with guest Steve Dembo of the Discovery Educator Network, an organization committed to fostering curiosity and digital dynamism in the educational sphere worldwide. The three speak on  a-ha moments in and out of the classroom, wearable tech, today’s best books on education, and, of course, #GeekPride. Steve is a former kindergarten teacher who now works as the Director of Social Media and the Online Community for the Discovery Educator Network. As an educator, Steve asks the hard questions and provides the important guidance when it comes to innovation and development in the educational field.


Steve Dembo on Twitter: @teach42

The Edupreneur is a podcast for you, the teacher, student or entrepreneur who innovates, redefines and improves education. Co-host Pete Freeman is a nonprofit founder and Notre Dame student with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and social welfare. Co-host Zack Baker is an award-winning programmer with a passion for tech and business.